A friend is a Joy for life... and she was! Our dear Joy, now beautifully drawn and with us forever.


What a talent! In memory of a family member's cat, I decided to have a drawing made by Anneke. This one is even more beautiful than expected and looks exactly like the photo! The contact with Anneke was very pleasant and clear. I would definitely use her services again!


The drawing is even more beautiful than the photo that was made as a base. You will not only see the love with which the drawing was made, but also the character of your pet in the drawing. You can see that it is really your pet!



Beautiful work, very detailed, correct and fair handling of the drawing with the possibility to make adjustments.


Anneke has turned the most beautiful photo of our dear Snuf into a beautiful drawing. Anneke knows what a pet can mean for people and you will notice that in the contact and attention she pays to her drawings.


Anneke drew all 4 my dogs. Received regular updates on the progress. All went very well. Received the drawings today. So beautiful. Awesome.


Our dog Teatske has a beautiful character that Anneke has transferred excellently on paper. Thank you very much!


It was very beautiful and the service was good. Anneke often showed what it looked like and whether it was the way I wanted it, or whether something needed to be changed.


I had no idea beforehand, I couldn't even find a nice photo. I took off the wrapping paper and looked straight into her soul. It was as if she was alive again. I immediately became emotional. It is very beautiful, especially her eyes turned out well. A dog that brought out the best in me


My mom was so excited! She has absolutely loved it, it is perfect. Thank you so so much, it was worth the wait. I have no other words than thank you, you have made a wonderful job and we are very happy


In one word: fantastic! Anneke is really a talent! You can tell she has a real passion for animals and drawing! She keeps you well informed during the drawing process. She also asks for feedback, should there be something else? No problem! In short, satisfied with the service and the beautiful drawing of our dog Fieke. The 2nd order has already been placed!


Anneke keeps you informed of the progress and regularly asks you to take a critical look. In my case, looking critically was only '' wow '' and '' fantastic '' because she really put my dog ​​on paper. I found Anne's way of communication pleasant.


This beautiful portrait of Tony is just real! This way he will always remain in our memory.


For my birthday I received a drawing from our dogs Cindy and Rodé, drawn by Anneke. As indescribably beautiful, detailed and real as they are. I am incredibly happy with it! I recommend anyone who wants to have his / her pet drawn by having Anneke do this. A real winner!


Thank you for the beautiful drawing that exactly captures the look and character of our dear Wollie!


The beautiful drawing that I received from Castor for my birthday was really REAL !! The way he looks at you on the drawing is exactly how he is, great job!


The drawing that Anneke made of Loena is really  beautiful! In addition, it was very nice that Anneke communicated everything so clearly. I will certainly recommend the service to others :)



The service is first and foremost super, Anneke is very interested in the animal she draws and asks very interested about this. This makes it very personal! In addition, the drawing itself is indescribable, it seems lifelike and she knows how to put down the look in her eyes. It is not just a drawing of the same breed by chance as your pet's. No, it is really your pet what you see! Totally awesome!



Anneke can draw incredibly beautiful drawings and fits well with the wishes of a customer. Anneke is very transparent and flexible in this. When half of the drawing is ready, she gives the customer insight into the process and the progress. The customer has a say and this until the customer is satisfied with the final end product.


What beautiful drawings, so fine and detailed. You get exactly that look in the eyes that is characteristic of the animal. Good service and affordable prices



Anneke makes lifelike drawings of animals, in which you can almost feel the fur! She really caught the sweet look of our dog Teske. We got the drawing beautifully packaged at home! Top service.


Totally awesome! You have exactly captured her expression!


With the drawing of our elderly dog ​​Kyra she has drawn all the details very fine. Every dog ​​has its external characteristics and has captured them wonderfully. So happy with the result.



Very happy with the super beautiful drawing of our dog Semma. Very well done!


Anneke has already drawn 3 of my animals. Milo de Cocker Spaniel and my 2 lop rabbits and they have become really beautiful !! Really what a talent! Definitely recommended to have your pet captured by Anneke!



Still very happy with the drawings made by AM animaldrawings! Anneke has drawn 2 of my Icelandic horses. One of those horses unfortunately died, this was very sad and the drawing is a dear memory. The service was super and very professional! We have been in contact several times about the drawings and even the smallest things she wanted to adjust for me. This made the drawing exactly as I wanted.