There are currently many requests for commissioned drawings. I therefore work with a list, with the next available date being January 15, 2022 . Until then I'm unfortunately full! Keep this in mind if you want to order a drawing. Thanks for your understanding!

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Thank you for your interest in a personalized drawing of your pet! I strive to get every hair on paper down to the last detail and to capture the character of your pet as well as possible.


Send me an email with a photo of your pet and the size of your preference. Look at information for prices and other details. For example, you can also choose a different color of paper or decide to receive your drawing framed. Mail your preferences to:






-  I will send you an e-mail as soon as possible with a quote. It contains all the details, such as the final amount and your preferences.
- As soon as you agree with the final amount, I will send a payment request, whereby 25% must be paid in advance.

- As soon as I have started the drawing process, I will keep you informed with photos. Only when you are satisfied, I will post it on social media (if you have agreed to this of course).
- Only when you are completely satisfied, you have to pay the rest of the amount.
- Of the total amount of the drawing (so not a possible list or passe partout, 10% is donated to a charity!


E-mail me a photo of your pet and choose the part that has to be drawn

Indicate on which color paper your pet should be drawn and choose the size of the drawing

Indicate whether you want a passe-partout and / or frame around your drawing.

Let me know if the drawing can be shared on social media

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